Call me Shailo Satór. I write dark fantasy that spans Earth’s history from the dawn of man to the modern day, for readers who fancy themselves enjoying the company of vampires, witches, angels, and demons.

Here’s an overview of what sort of content you will find here:

  • Information on me—author, editor, and night owl—so you can see just how good of friends we’re going to become!
  • Weekly blog content for your entertainment (and for mine).
  • Original writing from yours truly.
  • Vampire Book Club! One vampire book a month.

Vampire Book Club

I’m on a mission to become a vampire fiction aficionado, and you can join me in my journey by participating in my Vampire Book Club. Find out the book of the month and how to participate in the discussion.

What to Read:

Wanted for murder, Lai joins the Vegas supernatural community and meets a vampire who could help him break the ice he’s been living in for over a decade, but as his old life finds ways to filter back in, Lai falls prey to his charming, manipulative ex—the vampire who turned him.
A headstrong witch leaves her home in 16th century England to rule the Garden of Eden as Queen, but her charming Nephilim King’s secret plans could end her reign before it begins.